The Front Yard Garden


The Garden

The Garden.

The front corner.

The curbside of the garden.

On the rocks. These pots change through the growing season.

Summer flowers.

My perch.


4 comments on “The Front Yard Garden

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  2. Bev Hunter on said:

    Yes lovely, I took out all the grass in my front and put in a patio. Its great to sit and have tea in the sunshine.

  3. Melanie on said:

    Lovely, lovely front yard re-do! I’m sooooo jealous of all the greenery and flowers as we are still in the throws of winter here in Saskatoon – ACK. I especially love seeing our Canadian flag out front. I don’t think of Canadians as patriotic; I think of us as in love!
    Thanks for sharing,

  4. Harry Warren on said:


    I am trying to leave a comment on your chafer beetle blog and it is not allowing it.
    Email me and you can post it if you would like.

    Thanks – Harry

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