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Bargain Books

Coinciding with the first day of school, I thought I’d tell you about some fabulous books I picked up last week. Being a mom of three I was fully entrenched in back to school shopping last month. At a visit … Continue reading

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Creating a Two Tiered Children’s Container Garden!

I had a plan to share with you all my first how-to video. Sadly I was hit with nothing but problems during the filming, including a broken camera. I was camera-less for a few excruciating weeks. Although the Children’s garden … Continue reading

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Market Treasures.

I brought home a little treasure from the Port Coquitlam Farmer’s Market yesterday. This once-a-milk-dish has been creatively turned into a home for hens & chicks. An ironic little twist for this little cow. I picked it up from Petal … Continue reading

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How to make a row cover….in the middle of the night!

Years ago, before I found passion in the dirt, I managed a specialty knife store in Burnaby’s Metrotown Centre. We sold mostly kitchen knives, but also a dizzying array of sporting knives. With a few decorative swords for good measure. … Continue reading

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NWFGS: Paradise (to be) Regained – …borrowing Thoreau

The inspiration sprung as part of a high school senior project. From there the design blossomed, realizing the idea that every person can make a difference. That change can be beautiful. Bringing wonder to ordinary objects, in a playful yet … Continue reading

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Book rehabilitation!

I’ve been spending a lot of time at the library, borrowing their books. This has been worked as a temporary fix, until I can get my hands on my own. I didn’t appreciate how much good garden reference books cost … Continue reading

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Unexpected planters: On the shelf.

This week I’ve been potting up the thrift store finds I picked up recently.First I stuffed the wooden box with a couple colourful Gerber Daisies. I added a hook so that it could be hung and sent it off to … Continue reading

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Unexpected planters: Thrift store edition!

Deals were to be had this week at Value Village. Now I won’t bore you with the pretty sandals I found, nor the darling little dress I pick up for the kidlet. But you may be interested in what I … Continue reading

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Recycling an old flame

I’ve been eyeing my husbands fire pit for some time now. We got it a few years back & enjoyed many lovely evenings by the fire. However for the better part of the last year or two it’s sat untouched … Continue reading

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Scattered along the driveway

My love hate relationship with the pots has begun for the year.I absolutely love when perennials are intermixed with bulbs and annuals.A pot is at it’s best stuffed full of beautiful blooms and spilling over with foliage.But spring brings a … Continue reading

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