A Good Cup of Tea


DSC_8800When the calendar says spring but the temperatures are still downright chilly, a good cup of tea can bring clarity. Seasonal changes are occurring. Everywhere you look, the preparations and planning for spring are underway.  Parkas have been traded in for raincoats and snow boots for garden galoshes, as we ready for the season ahead. Fortified with shortbread and sandwiches, the garden awaits.

Filled with the promises of spring (and macaroons!) we took a little wander down the paths that entagle the lakes at VanDusen Botanical Gardens. There we found not only the passing of one season to the next, but a treasure that only spring could unfold. Snowdrops, crocus, hellebore, viburnum  and early rhododendrons dotted the landscape. Offering the saturated colours and fragrant reminders of why spring is worth the wait. 




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