Celebrating May Day in Port Coquitlam 2016


We celebrated May Day in Port Coquitlam last week. This spring tradition is steeped in our culture here in PoCo. Something everyone looks forward to, the young and old come out to celebrate at events through out the city.

BeFunky CollageWatremark_DSC_7378Watremark_DSC_7369Watremark_DSC_7488Watremark_DSC_7494In Port Coquitlam 2The weeks celebrations culminate in a parade of epic proportions. It was a gorgeous day, encouraging all the locals to come out to wave and cheer on their friends and family members as they marched on by. 
Watremark_DSC_8368Watremark_DSC_8444Watremark_DSC_8549Watremark_DSC_0053I hope you enjoyed the parade. Look for even MORE friends and smiling faces in my coverage with Snapd Tri-Cities June edition, on the newstands and online June 1st.


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