You, Me & 2015


Watremark_DSC_79872015 brings with it a banner of changes here at the Dandelion Wrangler. Updates to the site will be taking place throughout January, welcoming in the new year with a fresh look. Much has changed since my humble garden blogs inception and updates are needed to keep up with the ever changing reality of family life and work schedules.


As deep as my love of the garden is, finding steady work in photography over the last few years has left me less time to focus on flowers. Instead my lens found brilliant joy capturing your smiling faces and momentous events. It brings me even greater pleasure to continue to help you plan for and share in those treasured moments as we move into a new year.


No. This didn’t just turn into one of *those* photography blogs.

Fear not plant nerds, 2015 will continue to find me knee deep in the soil. Along with my volunteerism with the Vancouver Master Gardeners and other local projects,  I will continue to share my passion for plants as I work to share stories and projects from home, my Colony Farm plots and other gardens I have my hands into.

Watremark_DSC_7862 I live and breathe the soil. Dirty jeans are my favorite uniform and tomatoes are my just reward and I will not stop trying to spread that joy.

Salsa for everyone!!!


What you can expect.

Stunning photography, fun filled adventures (Alaska this summer!) and new gardens waiting to be explored as I follow my lens down the rabbit hole.

Watremark_DSC_7936Happy 2015!


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One comment on “You, Me & 2015

  1. Lori E on said:

    Our lovely rivers are always a great opportunity for photographs. You gotta share them.
    Nothing like the home grown tomato to make us dig in the dirt.

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