All the Bling Bling of the Season


I’ve been taking down my Christmas lights this week. While I like to make the house sparkle through Christmas, there’s something quite wonderful about this late winter clean up. Subtle changes are evident in the garden as I strip away the layers of lights. The slight change in the soil, the emergence of some of the early season growers breaking soil. ¬†Whispered promises of what’s to come.

It’s been a multi day process.

I can only imagine how long it takes them to take down all those lights at VanDusen Gardens. With over 1 million lights to detangle. Phewph, they best be serving up the hot chocolate for those dedicated volunteers.

Watremark_Make a WishSo as the magic is packed up for the season, here’s one last look at the always delightful Festival of Lights.


Watremark_DSC_8055Watremark_DSC_8065 (2)Watremark_DSC_8113Watremark_DSC_8104Watremark_DSC_8088Watremark_DSC_8099Watremark_DSC_8095Watremark_DSC_8115


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