Dancing in the Rain, out at Burnaby’s Village Museum



We’ve spent much of the past week digging out, moving and building our new plots at the Colony Farms Community Gardens. It’s been hard work whipping the garden into shape, but it will pay off in produce this summer making it well worth all that extra effort. The long weekend was no different with Michael & the kids pitching in to replace old rotted beds and build a greenhouse to house the tomatoes. Pictures from the big transformation will come another day.


By Victoria day we were in need of a break. The gods must have agreed, as the sky opened up that morning washing out our plans for the garden plot. Always willing to turn a negative into a positive we decided to escape the area and head out to Burnaby’s Village Museum for some old timey fun and a ride on the Carousel.

Watremark_DSC_7154Watremark_DSC_7297It was a nice break in our week and fun for the whole family.


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