Eagle Spotting along the Pitt


Watremark_DSC_3070I¬†took a walk along the Pitt River the other day with my camera. The skies were dark and brooding, which sounded just about perfect. I could do without the frequent bursts of rain, but nothing beats a moody skyline with gorgeous views like this.Watremark_DSC_3072Watremark_DSC_3017Watremark_DSC_3076Watremark_DSC_3037Watremark_DSC_3158Watremark_DSC_3213Watremark_DSC_3097Just as I decided it was too wet to play, a visitor arrived. When I turned the corner and poked my lens up I realized, indeed there was more than one Bald Eagle just hanging above my head. There was a pair. I followed them as they danced through the trees. Here’s a few captures from my misadventures.


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