I had one of those surreal moments earlier this week. The type where everything quiets & nature takes hold. This usually happens to me in gardens, or while hiking deep in the woods. But not all gardens take the standard form. Sometimes it’s hard to see that there are gardens all around us. Simple borders in city meridians, landscape edging in the mall parking lot. We miss these little spaces as we’re zooming by. Sometimes however, nature demands to be noticed.

This was one of those times.



I enjoyed a brief but colourful visit with an Anna’s Humming bird on the way to my car from a photo shoot the other day. I was lucky. I had my camera bag on me and was able to catch quite a few shots of this little darling.


He seemed to be showing off for me. I’ve named him Dusty.


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2 comments on “Charmed

  1. Madelaine on said:

    Hi Laura
    I couldn’t find your email address on you webpage… I am an artist from Ontario (formally from Vancouver) and I love reading your blog. I noticed a photograph of Dusty this morning (the one of him facing forwards) and it simply caught my eye. I would love to have your permission to paint him.

    Have a wonderful day

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