As the day gets boxed up


In typical Boxing day tradition, December 26th is a lazy day in the Thomas house. Lego sets are being built, board games make their début & Rapunzel’s hair has been brushed for the umpteenth time.  The kids are a buzz, delighting in the act of unreserved play.  Michael & I survive the madness with strong coffee & stronger gratitude for those who spoiled us with love us while avoiding buying our kids too many noisy toys.

Thank you, by the way. Watremark_DSC_5162-2I don’t do the big Boxing Day sales. I just can’t be bothered. Too many years in retail leave the mall a place I’d rather avoid at this time of year. I do however celebrate my very own version of Boxing Day. It’s quite glamorous, really. It involves getting all gussied up and taking the recycling out. Yup today’s the day all the packaging & the paper makes its way to the bin. It’s a big job, but someone’s got to squish it all in.

In that same vein I’m doing a little blog housekeeping. Here are some late, but undoubtedly beautiful winter shots from our last snow the week before Christmas.

Watremark_snow in PoCoWatremark_DSC_5129-2Watremark_DSC_5147-2Watremark_snow gardenWatremark_DSC_5196-2Watremark_DSC_5198-2Watremark_DSC_5189-2If you’re starting to think about holiday clean up don’t forget to recycle where ever possible, including your tree. If your city doesn’t offer curbside pick up (ahhem, Port Coquitlam) then check with your local garden centre or fire department on locations for tree chipping. Help turn that Christmas cheer into nutrient rich mulch while supporting local charities. Win-win-win.

Here’s a few local spots to bring your tree in the new year.

  • January 3-24, 10 am-4 pm daily: Art Knapp Plantland & Florist, 1300 Dominion Ave. (corner of parking lot), $5 minimum donation to benefit Juvenile Diabetes Research. Information: 604.942.7518. The chipped trees will be used as gardening and landscaping mulch. Residents are requested not to leave trees outside the gate when the store is closed.
  • January 4-5, 9 am-4 pm: Port Coquitlam Fire Fighters, #1 Fire Hall, 1725 Broadway St., $5 minimum donation to benefit the BC Professional Fire Fighters Burn Fund. Call 604.927.5405 for information or to arrange pick-up service (minimum $10 donation). Firefighters donate their time for this event and all wood chips created are used in city parks and trails. 

Or chop up your own tree for recycling in the green bin. Once again, here’s Councillor Darrell Penner showing us how it’s done.



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