Create an Air Garden with a Tillandsia Wreath (Contest Alert!)


tillandsiaWith all of their quirky spikes & flauntably fabulous colours, Tillandsia’s are a artistic and unique addition to the home garden. These air plants are beyond simple. They require no soil and cause no mess. Just a light misting once or twice a week helps maintain their fabulousness.

Their unique growing conditions lend tillandsia to a variety of creative containers. The possibilities are endless and inspired! Flora Grubb has been doing revolutionary things out in California with highly functional tillandsia hangers, creating walls of Air plants at the Bardessono Hotel. Those tall panel like stretches of air plants are mad cool. On a much smaller scale tillandsia are perfectly suited for terrariums & home offices. For ideas steeped in creativity check out Garden Therapy‘s recent projects. Or go bold with a unique twist on a holiday wreath. I was inspired by Steve Asbell’s tutorial on Rainforest Garden and decided to make one myself. What a wonderful rainy day project!

Watremark_wreath building

The Goods

  • A Grapevine Wreath
  • An assortment of Tillandsia Air Plants I used Tillandsia: Brachycaulos Miniata, Abdita, Capitata Peach, Bulbosa Belize & Usenoides ‘Curly’
  • Craft Wire  I used Copper Wire
  • Moss Reindeer Moss is fab. Love the chatruse green!
  • A Chopstick


Creating a Tillandsia Wreath

First I laid out the Tillandsia usenoides ‘Curly’ and sucured it to the wreath with my wire. I love using copper wire on projects, as even when it’s visible it looks good. Next I added moss. I used the chopstick to work the moss into the crevices. Poking & prodding until the moss was secured in and around the cascade of curly hanging from the bottom.

With the base layer complete I was ready to place the tillandsia. I purposely picked brightly coloured plants in the hues of red & pink to be a little more festive for the holidays. I wrapped the air plants leaving extra length on the wire to twist through the wreath. It was that simple.Watremark_DSC_1940-2

This project was enjoyable and rewarding. Crafting a piece of one of a kind living art to display in my home. Simply beautiful.

 Comment to win a Ladies Night out with Art Knapp!

Art Knapp’s is celebrating it 26th annual Ladies Night at their Vancouver location on November 16th & at their Port Coquitlam location on November 17th. With 100% of ticket sales going to support the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), this fun & fashionable fundraiser boasts a taste of food & drink from local winexperts & eateries, ladies fall fashions and gardening workshops with Wim! Guests will receive a 15% store wide discount, and will be happy to know that 5% of every purchase will also be donated to the JDRF. As you get ready for the upcoming holiday season, don’t forget to take a little time for yourself while benefiting a great cause. A Ladies Night with Art Knapp is the perfect way to do just that.

Art-Knapp-DT-Mosaic-completeThis is the first year that the Vancouver location is participating in Ladies Night as well. Now those downtown can finally participate in this fun evening of pampering & pleasure that we’ve been enjoying out in Port Coquitlam for years, all while picking up some seasonal decorating ideas & helping a great cause.

I was recently invited to the Art Knapp Vancouver location to check out their massive section of Air plants. I leaped at the opportunity. Not only did they have a wealth of unique colours and varieties, but the shop is packed with stunning urban plantings and small space ideas. The eyes never go hungry at the Hornby street location. I spent some time talking with the staff , poking the planters while oogling their vertical gardens and Christmas displays all over the shop. A girl could get lost in here….

Watremark_DSC_1668-2Comment to Win!

We’ve partnered up with Art Knapp to offer our local readers a pair of tickets to Ladies Night Port Coquitlam. Leave a comment & share one of your seasonal decorating tips and you’ll be entered to win! This is a short contest date, so we’ll be drawing the winner & notifying them by email on Wednesday November 13th.

You don’t have to be local to support this great cause. If you’re feeling in the spirit of the season and wish to add your support for JDRF you can donation directly through their website.


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  1. Jami Watson Roberts on said:

    My favorite Christmas decorating tip/tradition is meeting my girlfriends at the Poco Starbucks and then walking over to the Port Coquitlam Art Knapps and look for new ideas and decorations. Best way to kick start the season!!!

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