The Summer of Dahlias


We’ve had some fantastic weather this summer in Metro Vancouver. Soaking in more sun than usual. The tomatoes are plump, laden with fruit. The roses are in bud ready for yet another resurgence this summer, and the fall flowers are thriving.

It’s been ideal dahlia growing weather.

It’s been years since I grew dahlia’s on mass. A couple really wet years in a row & I looked as defeated as the flowers did after a hard rain. I finally stopped planting them and moved on to other fixations. I still grow a tuber or two, but nothing like the mass blooms that used to make up my late summer garden.


Last week while taking a walk around Colony Farms Community Garden my obsession returned. I had my camera with me & I was obsessively snapping pictures. I took a self guided tour, finding dahlias of all sizes and stature. I especially enjoyed seeing how others mixed the showy blooms into their vegetable gardens with truly wonderful results.



There were dinner plate dahlias so large & in charge that I think they should be re named deep dish dahlias!

Watremark_DSC_5936Watremark_DSC_6020Other’s were so tiny and symmetrical. Perfect little pom pom dahlias. So charming.


A passion was reignited. It looks like I’ll be shopping for dahlia tubers this spring once again. Now if I could just narrow it down to a colour… Nah! One of each please.

Such a perfectly perfect way to spend an evening in the garden.

Watremark_dahlia mosaic***

The public is welcome to stroll through the Colony Farm Gardens,  however please remember to respect the gardeners & do not enter the individual plots. It takes a lot of work to nurture a crop, please do not pick fruit or vegetables from the gardens. Be a good neighbor & take only pictures.


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2 comments on “The Summer of Dahlias

  1. sharon on said:

    dalias are grandmother grew them!!

  2. These are so gorgeous. My mother loves them which is how I learnt to appreciate them. Thanks for posting. Never been to colony farms

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