PoCo 100: Riding the Rails


Watremark_DSC_6314It was Port Coquitlam’s Home Coming celebrations last weekend. We spent our days at a variety of event held to celebrate PoCo’s 100th birthday. It all started with a little train ride…

Watremark_I rode the train mosaic

We hopped a ride on the vintage Heritage CP Rail Train as it took from Port Coquitlam station, through to Port Moody and then back again. The kids had a great time riding the rails in this old roomy passenger car. Frankly, so did I. The train ran all morning with every run selling out. It was great to see so many from the community coming out to enjoy this unique event.



Watremark_mosaic 2

Bryan Ness from the Port Coquitlam Heritage Society gave an educational and humorous talk pointing out sights of interest along the way. It was a wonderful day & an excellent way to see the city from a new perspective.

PLUS there were ribbons!

Watremark_DSC_6507After the train we headed over to Leigh Square, enjoying the sounds from Trooper’s sound check happening at the stage outside the Port Coquitlam Rec Centre as we went. At the square we enjoyed a family festival with the friendly and educational songs of Bobs & Lolo.

Watremark_bobs & lolo mosaicLater in the evening Michael & Elizabeth returned to see Trooper perform live in front of thousands of excited fans. It was a epic rock concert blowing the lid off of our small town. Bobs & Lolo and Trooper all in one day?! This was a weekend we won’t soon forget.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a little Car Show Mania as we wrap up our coverage of the PoCo 100 Home Coming Celebrations!


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