PoCo 100: Car Show Mania



I have to admit, I know little about cars but I know what I love, and that’s a day at the Port Coquitlam car show! Walking on the road is a special thrill. How often do you get a chance to stand on the centre line? Add to that all of the colourful cars, the chrome & the curves. What’s not to love?


Watremark_car show mosaicWatremark_DSC_6900This year the city stepped it up a notch by allowing a collection of vintage Motorcars to be parked on the lawn in front of City Hall. Intermingled with the gardens, this was heaven in a lens.

Watremark_Ford Mosaic


Watremark_DSC_6937Back on the street, it was packed! The weather held out and the locals came out in force. It is the city’s centennial birthday, it was home coming weekend, it’s the last days of summer & a PoCo tradition. Whatever the reason, everyone was ready to celebrate.

Watremark_DSC_6920Watremark_car mosaic 1

There were some rather unique vintage vehicles that drew crowds, while other’s seem to enjoy building a story with their display. No matter the style, what was clear was that these were passionate people. You could see it in all of the little details. Each with their own unique take on how to pimp their ride. Watremark_DSC_7071

Watremark_Car show mosaic 3Watremark_DSC_7043Watremark_DSC_7045


The kids had a  great time at the car show while wandering the downtown Port Coquitlam streets playing I wish. Penny was enamored with this pink Chevy.

Watremark_DSC_7092While Elizabeth was tickled to find a bright yellow truck with it’s very own Minion. She instantly declared it hers.Watremark_DSC_7101Watremark_DSC_7106Cedric liked the rubber duckies duckies best of all.


There was something for everyone at the car show.


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