Sunset along the Pitt River


On the way home from a job early this week, I stopped along the Pitt River to enjoy a sunset on one of Port Coquitlam’s few sandy beaches. It was a beautiful sight! With a visit from a rather cheeky Blue Heron who was playing camera shy as he hopped from one log to another, trying to evade my lens. After chasing the Heron down the rabbit hole, I did finally capture that ¬†magical moment.


Watremark_DSC_4756 (2)Watremark_DSC_4759 (2)Watremark_DSC_4828 (2)Watremark_DSC_4814 (2)Watremark_DSC_4806 (2)Watremark_DSC_4796Watremark_DSC_4846 (2)


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