Magic Hour at Terry Fox Library: Catching the Elusive Golden Glow


I was between photography gigs during magic hour this weekend in downtown Port Coquitlam. So I did what any good garden geek does and veered my way to the closest available garden to capture the moment. I found myself back at the Terry Fox Library wandering through their paths that lace through their stunning perennial gardens. 
Watremark_DSC_3937-2Watremark_DSC_3940-2Magic hour or Golden hour is the first or last hour of sun in a day. The light in the garden appears golden, angled from the side and diffused of the harsh brightness of mid day sun. Shadows are longer, contrasts are more stark.

The result is stunning. The air appears to glow.

Watremark_DSC_3946-2Watremark_DSC_3962-2I have a list in my head. It’s a list of places I need to be during magic hour. Gardens to be re discovered. Naturescapes in need of close examination. I’m regularly adding to this mental tally. Watremark_DSC_3949-2Watremark_DSC_3950-2Watremark_DSC_3953-2Watremark_DSC_3960-2Have I sent you into floral shock yet? Picture overload?


Good, because there are a few more left…Watremark_DSC_3973-2Watremark_DSC_3969-2

Next time your heading out for an evening walk, bring your camera. Maybe you too will be able to catch that elusive glow.




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