Touch Wood Injects Raw Beauty & Art into the Garden



Last week Touch Wood opened at VanDusen Botanical Gardens in Vancouver. An art exhibit encompassing pieces from local BC artists, working with salvaged, scavenged or recycled wood. This exhibit speaks to the core of BC culture and history. Wood has always been at the epicenter of our art, our communities, and of our economy. Here at VanDusen Botanical Garden, a place renowned for its collections of rare and endangered trees, this extraordinary exhibit explores the roots of B.C.’s soul.

“Wood has played a significant role in the development and history of this province, indeed of Canada itself,” says Garden Director Harry Jongerden. “Wood-related industries have been the back bone of the province’s economy making possible the philanthropy that created VanDusen Botanical Garden and its Bloedel Conservatory.”

The exhibit opened June 20th to much fan fare with many of the artists such as Brent Comber, Michael Dennis, Alastair Heseltine and Martha Varcoe Sturdy in attendance. The weather was typical of BC, rain which was very suiting. The wood radiated with colour and texture.  Each grain accentuated by the rain with beautiful results.

We took a walk in the rain to see some of these impressive sculptures.

Watremark_mosaic touch wood

Pictured above: Brent Comber “Shattered Sphere”, Brent Comber “Pale Shadows”, Michael Dennis “Van Dus Chilling”, Michael Dennis “Archetype”.

Watremark_DSC_2973-2Paul Burke “Cedar Ravens”.

Watremark_DSC_2983-2Paul Burke “Giant Squid”.

Watremark_DSC_3067-2Peter Pierobon “Plant De-Construction.”


 Michael Dennis “Archetype”.

Touch Wood runs from June 20th – Semptember 30th, 2013 at VanDusen Botanical Gardens.


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