VanDusen Gardens Plant Sale: What Followed Me Home


Watremark_crowd mosaicThe weather couldn’t have been finer this past Sunday as plant geeks and deal hunters turned the parking lot of VanDusen Botanical Gardens, the sidewalks and even all the way down Oak street into a bit of a block party. We staked out a spot at the front of the line and once again enjoyed a morning of plants, people and the most delicious home made orange zest cookies from a fellow early riser.

We were all there for the same reason…. the plants. So I’ll get on with it and bring on the gratuitous floral scenes.

Watremark_plant sale mosaic

Watremark_DSC_0647-2Watremark_DSC_0660-2Watremark_DSC_0655-2Once the gates opened the madness began. Thousands of people flooded the sale.  It took over half an hour for the line to fully be enveloped into the garden. By that point many of us that were near the front were already making our way back out to pay.


Watremark_DSC_0715-2Even with all of the madness, the mood of the crowd was happy, even jovial. No matter where you looked, there were smiles to be had. Every pot seemed to finds its lid.

Watremark_DSC_0733-2What followed me home

  • 1 x Corylus Avellana ‘Red Magestic’
  • 3 x Proven Winners Graceful Grasses Fiber Optic grass
  • 4 x Black Mondo Grass
  • 1 x Scilla Autumnalis
  • 2 x Arrhenatherum Elatus
  • 2 x Tricyrtis ‘Golden Festival’
  • 2 x Tricyrtis ‘Blue Wonder’
  • 1 x Tricyrtis Hirta
  • 1 x Lysimachia Punctata Varigated
  • 2 x Golden Hakone
  • 2 x Sedum Amber Red
  • 2 x Climbing Miniature Rose ‘Golden Century’
  • 1 xDicentra Spectabilis ‘Valentine’
  • 2 x Sedum Rainbow Xenox
  • 2 x Lilum Oriental x Trumpet ‘Montego Bay’
  • 1 x Astrantia White
  • 1 x sm Aeonium Arboreum
  • 1 x med Aeonium Arboreum
  • 1 x Succulent Pot
  • 1 x Echivera
  • 2 x sm Succulents



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