Skagit Valley Tulip Festival 2013: the Flowers of Roozengaarde


Ready for some tulip over load? I spent a day last week in Skagit County at the Tulip Festival. Its been a couple years since our last visit. Laden with mishaps that trip we spent most of the day stuck in the car waiting in a looooong border line up. By the time we finally made it to the tulip fields we only had time to visit one of the big tulip gardens. We chose Roozengaarde, and I’m thankful we did. Their tulip fields were stunning of course, but I especially appreciated their gardens. Where you could see the tulips, the creative mixes and design details that they’d employed. The gardens are truly breath taking.

This year we started our trip off right. Mid month for peak bloom time…. check. Mid week for low border traffic….. check. Early morning to avoid the madness and tour buses that quickly take over the tulip farms….. check, check, and check! We left early and made excellent time. We actually got to Tulip Town, our first destination before it opened. We spent some time enjoying our morning coffee and conversations before the fields opened. I’ll share with you the pictures I took at their tulip fields tomorrow. Its pretty barn/tulip fields/kite heavy. You’ll love it!

We spent the early afternoon back at Roozengaarde, and yes their gardens were as mesmerizing as I had remembered. They simply glowed. I was glad I had my camera, and my very patient Mother along with me for the adventure.

Enjoy the view.

Watremark_roozengaarde mosaic











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3 comments on “Skagit Valley Tulip Festival 2013: the Flowers of Roozengaarde

  1. sharon on said:

    OMG what stunning beauty…I love tulips!!

  2. BECKY BERGSTROM on said:

    We are only a short drive from the tulip fields, and can even see them from the freeway in April. The huge fields of bright tulip colorare such a beautiful sight! Roozengaarde is my favorite, as well – I think once you’ve been there, there’s no need to go anywhere else! You got some gorgeous pictures – such stunning colors. I love to walk through the beds and take pictures of the flowers and decide which I might want to order for my yard. But my favorite part of all is picking out bunches of tulips to bring home and spread around our home!

    • You’re so lucky to live near by. I think I’d end up with a month pass if I lived closer. I’d love to see the gardens at different times of day. We seem to always buy our tulips from Roozengaarde too. Their buy 4 get the 5th bunch free gets me every time. 😀 Always thrilled they let us bring the cut tulips across the border with ease. Their tulips always seem to last that much longer in my home. Love them! Thanks for stopping by!

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