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Seed starting doesn’t have to be complicated or cost a lot of money. Seeds are cheap and with a quality seed starting soil you’ve got all you need, well almost. Seed trays are invaluable, and I’ve already put many to use this spring. Still no matter how many I stockpile through winter, I always seem to run out. That’s why around my window you’ll see recycled muffin trays growing thyme, or a plastic cake tray growing cilantro. I like to employ as many items from my recycling bin as I can.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Starting seeds in recycled toilet paper rolls couldn’t be simpler. I gave them a quick trim, so they fit well under the lid of my mini greenhouse (cake trays also work well) and four snips to what will be the bottom of the seed starter. That will make 4 tabs. Finally fold down the tabs and voila! It’s ready for starter soil.

It is just that easy. The hardest part of this project was wrestling down my craft obsessed kids to score the tp rolls. In fact I had to keep them hidden while I collected them, least they become  paper necklaces or tunnels or whatever else they were dreaming up.

Watremark_seedmosaicI planted heirloom black cherry tomatoes in my starter set. What are you growing in your garden this year?

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2 comments on “Recycled Seed Starters

  1. Lori E on said:

    Great idea. I am not growing much of anything this year. Maybe just a few pots mixed into my front yard as my back yard no longer gets enough sun. I do have some seed from a Ghost Pepper from Hawaii that I will try to grow. They are brutally hot…which of course is why I want to grow them. Yum.
    My mouth watered at the thought of those heirloom tomatoes.

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