Nasturtiums, Scarification and other Fun with Preschoolers!


Watremark_nasturtiums2I spent the morning planting nasturtium seeds with my youngest’s Preschool class. This was my first workshop, and I was nervous. All the goofy grins and eager questions from the kids helped. I got over my nerves, and jumped right in.

We started off talking about the life cycle of plants and how to grow food from these ity-bity seeds. I brought along tomato plants at various stages for the kids to poke and learn from. They were eager to share their own home garden experiences and I was impressed to see how many hands went up when I asked how many of them grow their own food at home. It brought a smile to my heart.


There was a lot of giggles to be had as we filled their peat pots and poked fingers in soil. We practiced the  art of scarification. I clipped the seeds with nail clippers while their adorable little faces yelled “Boo!” before they tucked the seeds back into the soil. Then finally, eagerly, they watered. It was a great morning for the kids, but the real benefit was to me. I learned a lot from working with these kids. Hopefully the next time I have a talk to do with adults, it will go as well. Ha!

Fun was had by all.



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  1. Rachel on said:

    Nice picture of the nasturtium seedling! It sounds like the class was lots of fun. Have you ever tried soaking the seed after clipping it? Rachel @

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