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Watremark_DSC_0666-2I have to detour my blog this week to do a little bragging. This is my daughter Elizabeth and she is flippin AMAZING! Not only is she a fun loving kid/soccer phenomenon, but she might just be a mini me. Yesterday we got word that Elizabeth had won her first photo contest for an image she took of the snow capped mountains along Port Coquitlam’s Traboulay trail. Yes, at 8 years old she’s already rocking my camera. Kicking ass and taking names. We’re so proud!


This past weekend Elizabeth joined me for my annual VanDusen Gardens Plant Sale camp out. There in the wee hours of the morning, with little complaint, and possibly a LOT of hot chocolate. She hung out with the plant geeks, blew bubbles and plotted our route once the gates opened. It was such fun having a partner for the insanity that is the largest plant sale in the Lower Mainland.

Watremark_DSC_0671It was a fun morning with my girl. Our early arrival meant we were able to wander through the sale before opening to check out the goods. Elizabeth retained to memory all of the wonderful things she was interested in going back for. She has a good eye and knows her plants well.

Watremark_DSC_0701-2When the gates did finally open, we were ready. Elizabeth made the mad dash to the Japanese Toad Lilies and I scooped up a prized contoured hazel. Our tag team plan was a huge success. She was an enthusiastic plant hunter. What can I say, like mother, like daughter.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more from the sale and a peek at what filled our baskets!Watremark_DSC_0696-2




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One comment on “Just Another Plant Sale Convert

  1. Juliana Blueberries on said:

    Hi Elizabeth,
    You are beautiful and your photo of the trail is fantastic! I so love both!
    I am so happy for you, busy,devoted mom and so successful. I just have to goggle you[Garden writer to see you-Great!!

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