Darvonda Nurseries: A Garden Tour


Watremark_DSC_9825-2Earlier this week I attended a #HomeTalk meetup and Garden Party at Milner Gardens. I blogged about the experience here. After the party broke up Tamara Jansen who run Milner Gardens which is the retail garden store front for Darvonda Nurseries offered those who were interested a tour of their greenhouses. You can bet she didn’t have to ask me twice!

Watremark_DSC_9814-2It was really cool to see the backroom process the plants, transplants and seeds go through to get consumer ready. This place was huge! Stocked with big machines and equipment to keep thing running smoothly and efficiently. I think if I could borrow this machine for 5 minutes I’d have all of my tomatoes ready to be re potted.

Watremark_DSC_9804-2Tamara told us how the building was designed to be so large so that they can pull the trucks all the way inside to load them. Their operation has thought of everything possible to streamline the process. It has to be smooth. Darvonda’s biggest customer is Costco Canada. These hanging baskets and planter have to be of the highest quality standards for this mega client.

With pot designs like these, what can I say? They’re making Costco look good!

Watremark_Greenhouse mosaicWhile on the tour I spotted one of my favorite summer annuals by Proven Winners, Superbells® Lemon Slice. I trialed this plant last year, with fantastic success.  It’s going to be a hot little number this summer. Keep your eyes out for it! Much like everything else at Costco, I suspect they won’t last long.



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One comment on “Darvonda Nurseries: A Garden Tour

  1. Lori E on said:

    I have visited with Tamara before and been through the gardens. Their mums in the fall and poinsettias in the winter are so fabulous. Not to mention the great deals in their garden shop. I always find the most interesting pieces to add to my garden when I am there. I never come away empty handed.
    The best part is you can go to her blog and see how they have emptied out those greenhouses and held the most elegant wedding receptions for their kids in those greenhouses. Seriously creative people.

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