This is not your Average Suburban Lawn


Watremark_mosaic crocusThis past weekend Vancouver was submerged. The rain pelted the lower mainland with a Pineapple Express passing through the region. It was absurdly wonderful. Yep, the gutters were not able to cope and a new drainage project emerged. It broke through the Spring to-do list, out of nowhere and landed at the top of the pile. It’s going to be a royal pain in the, …er, side yard. But such is life. What is inconvenient to us, is beneficial to our landscape. You could almost hear the trees sigh. The past few months have been unusually dry. I already have one tree to take down this spring, and I hope that is it. Winter injury is going to be fierce this year in the home landscape.

By Sunday, the rain had stopped and the sun punched through. What came out in the sun was glorious. The crocus lawn is in bloom. Like Easter eggs their scattered across the lawn.



I started my crocus lawn a few years ago, you can read more about it here. Last fall I added about more bulbs into the lawn. About 30 Orange Monarch, and 20 Gipsy Girl Snow Crocus were sunk into the ground. It was easy, and super worth it. What better way to shake the winter blah then to welcome spring with unexpected flowers. By the time the flowers expire, the grass will be due it’s first cut of the season. They clean up easily.


The kids love walking through the flowers, and create their own routes. I love that they’re stopping to enjoy the little things. It was good to have a sunny day to play outside.

Watremark_DSC_8366The crocus should be blooming for many days to come. Waves of purple, white and yellow. From the pale to the vivid orange. With the winter heather just starting to come into it’s own, this flush of colour is only the beginning.


Bring it Spring!


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