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Letting the Inner Artist Loose

In recent years this blog has gone from a hobby to a passion to a career. While the Dandelion Wrangler will always be a source of garden news, projects and thrifty garden ideas, it is also regularly transforming. Taking me along with it.

Recently at a garden club meeting Brian Minter spoke about artistry in the garden, How we are all artists, desperately in need of throwing caution to the wind, to try something new. (The quote below is especially poignant, and was on display at the 2012 NWFGS.)

Watremark_DSC_6620-2It Starts Here

So despite my own nerves, I’m baring my soul and sharing my art. I am launching a line of custom creative containers in the Lower Mainland under the Dandelion Wrangler banner. You can contact me at to help you create just the right design for your home or business. Or you can choose from a number of artistically designed container gardens perfectly suited for any space. Visit my Facebook page anytime for an updated photo gallery of planters currently available for sale.

Watremark_DSC_9339-2 .



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