NWFGS Container Round Up: Contain This!


Watremark_mosaic dark woods

Continuing on our journey through the Northwest Flowers & Garden Show, we come to one of my favorite subjects; Planters, the planted and containers with wow! Throughout the show there were many inspired designs and creative and re purposed planters that caught my eye. I was drawn to rich colours, and planters with texture and style.


My favorite containers spotted at the show, I almost didn’t see. These cool little planters were used in a modern, film Noir style garden entitled “Jardin Noir” designed by Barbara Lycett Landscape Design. I must have visited that garden a handful of times before I noticed what was right under my nose. Re purposed chimney pipes used as garden edging. Perfect for keeping a bursting garden at bay. Brilliant!

They’re simple and functional and look great doing it!


Although planters of all shapes and sizes can be found dotted throughout the display gardens and at most of the Market shops, the Skybridge is home to the Small Space Showcase. There you’ll find the weird and wonderful. A collection of some of the most thought provoking and mesmerizing container gardens at the show.

Bringing a little bounce!

Watremark_DSC_7942Keeping the little ones engaged in the garden is always one of my top priorities. There in the Small Space Showcase these cheery over sized containers brought a light hearted whimsy, perfect for any school garden or learning centre. The bright and bold springs make you feel like a kid again. Bringing instant character and personality to any space.

The planters are a little loud and over the top, but what kid do you know that isn’t? … Exactly.

Bare feet optional.

Watremark_DSC_7988I loved running into Miriam Goldberger from Wildflower Farm at her Eco Lawn display on the Skybridge. Her energy and enthusiasm was infectious! The display catered to the young and young at heart, with a collections of sea glass mulched around tuffs of brilliant green grass dressed up in unique planters. I loved the metal bales she created to contain the Eco Grass.

Miriam encouraged passer by-ers to reach out and touch and feel the display, and touch they did! Who wouldn’t want a piece of that? It’s enough to make me want to grow grass in some unexpected place, like a hanging basket, or a window box, just so I can get a hit of those vibrant green blades while I work.

Colour me bold!

Watremark_DSC_7928Here in the Pacific Northwest we know that sometime you have to cut through the drab grey days with a vibrant punch of colour. It can come from the plants, the containers, a piece of garden art or simply a painted wall.

The key to any of these designs is to keep them simple. High impact containers need simplified planting schemes that won’t pull attention. There were fabulous examples of all of these techniques at the show, but none more illustrative than the rusty containers of String of Pearls in perfect juxtaposition against the brightly painted ‘Tender Shoots’ (Pantone 2013 color report) wall in the Small Space Showcase.

Watremark_DSC_7941Nothing grabs my attention better than containers with fierce contrasting colours. Although often our space is limited, placing a couple of complimentary pots together in a group can give you the feel of a much larger container garden. In this case there were 3 pots in close proximity creating this lovely vignette.

I love the turquoise pot and subtle grey tones of this more refined garden. Together they create the perfect pallet for the yellow Narcissus to pop! What better way to welcome spring than a planter, or two, or three like these to greet you at your door?

Doing small space right.

A trip to the Skybridge wouldn’t be complete without a stop at Janit Calvo’s Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center display. I loved the lyrical quality of her display this year. The colours were a real draw. Shades of green with perfect pink English Daisy’s popping up here there and everywhere. Marie Antoinette’s shoes add a splash of style, colour and fashion to the container garden.

Watremark_mosaic 2 green thumbs


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