Learning to Dance, at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show.



It seems only fitting that the last day of the Northwest Flower & Garden Show lands on the same days as the Oscars. Because in the Seattle Convention Center the largest Garden Show in the Northwest was celebrating its Silver Anniversary. On this the show’s 25th year, the Silver Screen took root. Embracing all things Hollywood; The Divas, the scoundrels and the comedians. Their magic ran rampant. Within each of the meticulously designed show gardens.

A Pacific Northwest Beach Garden – It’s Never too Late to Learn to Dance

Watremark_hellebores mosaic

Plantswoman Design and the Reijnen Company teamed up to create a garden that was inspired by the carefree breezes and bright beach scenes from the famous dance scenes in Zorba the Greek, while still keeping a uniquely Pacific Northwest feel.  You can almost hear the iconic music swirling around the columns. With reflective surfaces, swaying grasses and nodding narcissus. This is where we learn to dance.



While Zorba loved to dance, and his name literally translated means ‘Live each day’, the classic 1964 movie had dark undertones. Life’s lessons must be learned to truly appreciate the moment. The hellebore’s, rich in colour with their brooding heads packed with petals added the required depth and drama to the garden that this Hollywood classic requires.



I’ll admit to loving this garden. It’s simple carefree lifestyle really resonates with me. The driftwood and rocks play up the beauty of the natural world, and the grass sprinkled with flowers add a playful touch to the garden. At home my crocus lawn is getting ready to bloom, and I loved seeing another similar lawn in bloom at the show.

This garden wasn’t just beautiful, but also smart. They utilized drought tolerant plants and grasses. They amended their soil using sustainable practices rather than unnecessary fertilizers and watering regiments. But the piece de resistance was those stunning column water features. I love water features that lack a large catch basin. The water flows down the columns and into a pile of river rocks, where its recycled and starts the process all over again. This keeps my kids safe when playing nearby, but it also leaves no place for those nasty mosquitoes to call home during the summer months.

Smart. clean, and beautiful. This Hollywood starlet had style and substance.


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