A Walk by the Lake


The first Family Day in BC ironically landed on the 11th anniversary of my Father’s passing. We spent the morning over to Deer Lake in Burnaby. The site of so many fun family outings as a kid. Here my sister and I took dance classes, and art programs. It was the place I first saw the The Fox and the Hound, and got my hands mucky with clay. We spent weekends walking the pathways, and canoeing in the lake while waiting for classes to start or let out. I spotted my first snake down by the waters edge!

We had great fun.

Much has changed in the last few decades. The Shadbolt Centre now towers over beautifully revitalized  grounds, surrounded by a natural ampitheatre and lake. The old building is virtually unrecognizable. Yet they managed to find just the right balance. The heritage buildings remain dotting the landscape,  allowing the natural beauty to shine through. Its eclectic and lovely and it feels like home.

Sure some bits have changed. The kids climb a new playground spider web structure in the same spot that I climbed the big yellow dinosaur slide as a kid. They’ve widened pathways, and added more gardens. The beautifully landscaped beds bring spectacular year round interest. Complimenting the heritage rhododendron gardens that surround the Burnaby Art Gallery nicely.

I took many pictures on this foggy grey February morning. I hope you enjoy the walk. I know I enjoyed the memories. <3


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  1. I too have had my hands in clay at the Arts Center there. A lovely place that I have not been to in many years. It is a jewel in our province isn’t it.

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