Creating fun kid-centric Christmas projects: the Lego house


This weekend we’re dressing the house up for Christmas. Wreaths have been made, garlands hung. Nutcrackers patrol the mantle. It’s Christmas time, and the kids are loving it!

Around this time we would normally put together a ginger bread house, and for the next month the kids would secretly pick it apart. It drove me crazy. All of that tooth breaking sugar. We don’t mind them having having a few seasonal treats, but the ginger bread house just got out of hand. It was simply too much, so this year we thought we’d try something different. We’re cutting out the candy house in favour of a Lego Christmas house.

Our kids are addicted to Lego, and I love it! I was a Lego kid too! While there is a very cool Winter Village set out there, we just used our pre existing Lego. And it worked out pretty fabulously! It was a wonderful project to put together with the whole family.

Complete with flower beds and a lovely evergreen landscape Santa’s North Pole rancher has it all. Including carolers. Santa’s even has enough room to park his computerized custom sled.

Yeah that’s right. Santa’s coming to town.

If you and your kids are interested in Lego, be sure to check out VanDusen Gardens Festival of Lights (on Dec 7th thru January 1st) to see a Lego winter display put on by the Vancouver Lego Club


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2 comments on “Creating fun kid-centric Christmas projects: the Lego house

  1. Lori E on said:

    I completely agree with you. The gingerbread, though looking cute, is a waste of money and terrible for the teeth. I would rather they ate quality candy and chocolates at Christmastime.
    Your Lego house is very cute. Maybe it can get some snow….
    I haven’t been to Van Dusen for the Christmas display in years. I know they go all out and it is a very popular display.

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