Christmas at Alouette Tree Farm


Have your tree up? We picked up ours last weekend at Alouette Tree Farm in Maple Ridge. We love a trip to the farm. Always more of an adventure than a chore, it’s a fun outing with the kids. Trees, trains, and ponies! We enjoy wandering the fields of trees growing at various stages, visiting the petting zoo and enjoying a hot cup of cider around the fire.

I might come for the atmosphere, wreath making workshops, and evening events like their Twilight Train Ride & Polar Express, but my husband? Well, he’s here for the price. Alouette tree farm barely makes a wave in our holiday budget. You can find and cut down your tree yourself, or buy one pre cut. All for very reasonable rates.

Saving money, while still decking the halls. I love it when we both win.

When your putting up your decorations this year, why not avoid the box stores and take a drive down a country road and help out a local tree farm? It’s bound to leave you feeling warm and cozy this Christmas.


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2 comments on “Christmas at Alouette Tree Farm

  1. Bren (@BG_garden) on said:

    This is a beautiful blog post that captures my favorite time of the year. I’ve been doing some networking at local IGC’s to promote what they have on location and I end up leaving with a few goodies for my own Christmas decorating. I love the Independent Garden Centers!

    • Oh, I agree. I am trouble when I find myself at the garden centre. Got to love those fold down seats to help me get what followed me home, home! 🙂 I’ve been drooling over their poinsettias. I love seeing the tables full!

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