Winter Projects: Amaryllis ‘Apple Blossom’


The winter months are here. Although I’ve had a hard time letting go of the sandals and cute little flats, boots and rain jackets have been piling up in the entryway. With gloves and scarves following me everywhere I go. In a blink Christmas will be upon us.  But before we head down that rabbit hole, I have to get a few projects out of the way.

Enter Amaryllis.

I’m having fun planting bulbs with the kids and creating seasonal centre pieces for my home and family to enjoy. What could be better? This year we’re growing Amaryllis ‘Apple Blossom’.  A mid November planting is timed perfectly for a Christmas bloom, as this amaryllis takes a short 6 weeks to grow! A mammoth bulb, it produces multiple stems each with many flowers. It’s delightful colouring is reminiscent of fresh apples with it’s pink/red blush covering the large petals. Swoon.

Wanting to enjoy the growth of this bulb in all of it’s stages, we decided to plant the amaryllis in a glass vase. It was really easy to do. The hardest part was finding a vase that would fit this humongous bulb. Luckily I  had a couple to choose from, and one fit! We soaked the bulb in warmish water to give it the urge to jump dormancy. We didn’t soak it for to long, maybe 15 minutes.

We added 2-3 inches of river rock as a base and set the bulb in. Gently  we snuck more into the sides, until the amaryllis was 2/3 covered. Finally we added water to just under where the bulb rests.

Tip! Watch your water level. You don’t want the bulb sitting in water for any extended period of time, so make sure to keep the water level consistently under the bulb’s bottom.

With the amaryllis ready to grow, I was ready to decorate! To finish this planter off I added some seasonal flair with a garden embellishment. No glue gun or manual requires. This was super easy!

First I chose ribbon to go with my personal style. I went with a thick cream ribbon and brown rope, but you can get as festive as you want here. I grabbed some funky bits out of some Christmas potpourri I had laying around and strung my rope through.

Tip! I love the 3 R’s, and try to re purpose as much as I can. If it wasn’t potpourri, it would have been pine cones or twigs. Use what you got!

I wanted to add some moisture to this mini arrangement, so I sliced off a section of oasis foam and tucked it in the center hole behind the rope. Once it was in place I soaked the whole thing to lock the moisture in. Then I added my cuttings. Euonymus fortunei and Callicarpa Beautyberry complete this arrangement. The foam may or may not help keep it fresh, time will tell. However, it certainly helped keep the cuttings in place, and left zero room for the rope to flop around.


With that complete, all that was left to do was attach the ribbons.

Simple, easy and full of holiday charm.



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