The J. Paul Getty Museum: The Seductive Charm of her Curves.


Back in 2004 Michael and I took our first visit to the Getty Museum. It took my breath away. The beauty was unreal, and abundant. From the walls to the galleries, every inch of the cool white travertine stone reflected the painstaking attention to detail that this museum enjoyed. I promised myself that the next time we made it back to LA, we would return. Almost a decade later, the pull of her walls was just as strong. In town for a family reunion, and the magic of Disney, a visit to the Getty was high on our ‘to do’ list.

Built by architect Richard Meier, the collection of buildings that together make the J Paul Getty Museum are impressive. Rising above the traffic choked highways of Los Angelos these magnificent buildings hold some of the most beautiful works of art known to man. Monet, Van Gogh, and countless other greats call the Getty home. With an impressive mix of fixed and changing exhibits, the museum is always fresh. Ready to share and educate the world.

This was our first visit with kids.  The Getty was the perfect place to slow down and soak in some culture. The museum is very affordable, with entry costs limited to a parking fee. For our family of 6 we payed a very affordable $15 for our day, high up in the clouds.

We all enjoyed the paintings, but the kids got quite a kick out of the children’s exhibit. They played and explored each of the kid sized attractions. We lost ourselves in that building for quite some time, much to their delight.

We didn’t make it down into the gardens this visit. This was a family adventure, and mine didn’t look prepared to go trekking in the blazing heat, through 24 acres of gardens just so I could get my kicks and giggles on.

Next time, next time.

With views like that, there’s always a next time.


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