What followed me home from the Orchid Sale: Epidendrum Nocturnum


In recent years I’ve taken a look don’t touch approach with orchids. Stunningly beautiful, they can be intimidating. I can’t tall you how many I’ve killed in the past…┬áSeriously, I can’t tell you.

Don’t let your imagination get carried away. It wasn’t too many,┬ábut it was just enough to make me feel awful. Which I promptly followed up by blocking out that terrible period. Yep. Never happened.

Despite my intentions to steer clear of Orchids (for their own good of course) I kept being drawn back. Can you blame me?

A couple years ago while visiting Costa Rica, I signed myself up for an Orchid farm tour. I’m glad I did. I learned a great deal about the anatomy of an orchid and their growth cycles. Planted in coconut husks they mimicked their natural conditions in the rainforests of Costa Rica by letting their roots dangle free. What a sight! It was drilled into my head right then, healthy roots equal a healthy plant. So simple, but also an incredibly useful orchid tip.

Although I still wasn’t growing any orchids at home, my personal evolution had begun. I picked up books here and there on orchid care. I sat in on lectures with my Master Gardeners group about orchids. It was at one such lecture that I heard about the Orchid Sale, and a very cool orchid that is only fragrant at night!

Oh dear… fragrant only in the dark? Oh my…

Past indisrcetions forgiven, I was going orchid shopping!

The Vancouver Orchid Society hosts this sale annually. Here you can find all sorts of unique and rare Orchids. Buying from knowledgeable quality suppliers, my chances of keeping these orchids alive were improving. I came home with a Colmanara Jungle Monarch & an Epidendrum Nocturnum. The later being the perfect bloom to add fragrance to the night!


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  1. Always like cool stuff!

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