Taking Risks in the Front Garden


It’s always a little risky gardening in the front yard. When you push the boundaries of what a garden is, or what it can become some can balk. In many community’s across North America law makers are trying to squash creativity and use of our soil. Rules about what we can grow, how it’s to be grown…. it’s absurd. I love that here in my community the local government is doing it’s best to encourage green living and gardening.

Gardening in the front yard gives you no place to hide. When a planter or project spectacularly fails, fizzles or flops, a quick clean up and a visit to the plant shop are the only known cures. We’ve all had those moments. But when it goes the other way… oh my! Watching a project thrive, seeing that planter pour over itself with gorgeous! Well, that makes it all worth while.

There are a lot of creative planters and upcycled material in our garden. It’s something I take a lot of pride in. One such piece is the pallet garden. If you have a chance today, take a stop over at Proven Winners and read my¬†tips and tricks to building a pallet garden perfectly suited to you! If you like it, and wish to be so kind *pretty please* give it a thumbs up on fb to let me know you came by!

As with all risks, there are also rewards. The winners of the 2012 Pride of PoCo Garden Awards have been announced, and we have found our garden in good company! Placing 3rd in the ‘Front Garden’ category!

Michael & I are thrilled! It is nice to have hard work noticed and appreciated. We love our garden too! So to celebrate, a treat! Just for you readers I put together a slide show with some great images from the garden over the last couple weeks. Rain or shine, she was eye catching, that’s for sure!



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