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Port Coquitlam has some truly beautiful gardens, and it isn’t hard to see why. Creativity is being nurtured here. Along Shaughnessy street, a spectacularly drought tolerant display of sedums and succulents mask an otherwise bleh gas station. Creating a patch of nature so interesting and special that your eyes automatically focus inward, creating a cloak of invisibility around those ugly pumps at the station. What gas station? No seriously, where?

Virtually every where you walk in the city core you’ll find beds brimming with gorgeous perennials and impressive swaths of seasonal annuals. In Leigh Square it’s easy to get a stiff neck gazing upward at the gigantic flower baskets spilling over themselves with flowers. It’s quite a sight. You may find yourself wondering how they keep them looking so awesome? Or damn that must take a lot of watering! As indeed it should.

Yet they don’t. These are no ordinary baskets. These mammoth planters are self watering, with a large reservoir in their rump. And that’s the moment it hits. This group of PoCo city gardeners are brilliant! Brilliant!  A quick morning fill up keeps these basket looking spec-tac-cular all day long. I love easy.

Last week I took some time to soak up the views on a walking tour of the downtown Port Coquitlam area with the Port Coquitlam Heritage & Cultural Society & the PoCo Garden Club. It was guided by Bryan Ness whose knowledge and wit brings a lot to the walk. It was nice to see some of the historic spots around city hall, and especially nice to peruse the gardens. We enjoyed some of the quieter back streets and green belts of PoCo. We walked by a few nominated gardens. Inquired and admired at several front yard veggie patches. We even got to see the small plot being nurtured at Central Community school where we spotted a few Dragon’s Tongue beans growing under the foliage.  We made it by  the Heritage Garden that I’ve been tending to. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture for you. It was too crowded, it’s a small space. Sufficed to say, the garden was in full bloom, and looked spectacular! I’ll try to get an update on that garden in the coming week.

I do hope these groups team up again to offer other garden walks. It was good weather, and a nice afternoon. What fun! The Heritage Society does host an assortment of other walks. The next one is on Thursday August 23rd at 6pm, starting at the Heritage Centre in Downtown PoCo.


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