A Pallet in Bloom


I have been known to be a little eccentric at times, so my husband has had a fare amount of practice keeping a straight face as I exult vigorously the details of a recent or evolving project. Even still, he looked a little sceptical when I brought home a packing pallet and proclaimed to have acquired a new garden.

I saw his brows begin to furrow. His face took on an altogether pinched look as I explained how I was going to plant this pallet, and then once finished, attach it to the wall. Yes that’s right, the wall. I assured him this was a sound idea. That gardeners before me have done it, and their buildings didn’t fall down around them. That I wouldn’t plant invasives, that would work their way behind the paneling and through all sorts of crevices. I offered to pinky swear, which served only to concern him more.

I got straight to work.

Building a pallet garden is easy!

I used a large piece of landscape fabric, which I layered multiple times before stapling it to the back of the pallet. I folded the fabric over the bottom, and sides leaving the top open for plants.

Now I’ll admit, I was a little paranoid of the soil falling out all over the place. I *may* have gone a little over board with the staples. It’s possible. Who can say really.

Once the backing was in place I flipped it over and filled with one large bag of potting soil. Pushing the soil into all the crooks and crevices, leaving no air pockets or holes. It was time to get planting.

I like to soak my plants in a tray of water before potting them up. Especially when planting in the summertime. Pallet gardens dry up quickly. This gives the roots a good soak before I man handle them.


So what did I squeeze into my pallet? I was feeling a little girly when I planted this combo up, so I stuck to pink tones. Tucked into these unconventional beds I jammed: Proven Winners Supertunia® Bermuda Beach, Proven Winners Blushing Princess™, Proven Winners Luscious® Berry Blend™, Proven Winners Sweet Caroline Sweetheart Purple, Proven Winners Superbells® Sweet Tart, Proven Winners Senorita Blanca®, Proven Winners Snowstorm® White & Proven Winners Superbena® Royale Peachy Keen.
Finally planted, it was time for the hardest step of this pallet garden. The long wait. For two weeks I kept the garden flat. Allowing the roots to get established before I flipped them on their side and hung it on the wall.

I was good. It stayed flat the whole two weeks. My husband was finally seeing the light. With his help we got some heavy duty hangers, giant bolts and got the pallet garden up in time to soak in some of this fabulous sunshine we’ve been having!

***Disclaimer: While many of the plants in this article were given to me by Proven Winners for trials and testing, the opinions in this post are my own.***


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  1. Jennifer on said:

    Wow! that is fabulous. Hubby is now ‘eating his words’ I suppose. *grin*

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