Sweet, Sweet Alyssum.


I love using alyssum in the garden. In pots or tucked into corners of raised beds, this lovely summer annual is a must on my shopping lists. It pretty and fills beautifully with tiny little white flowers that soften the edges of any planting. Not just a pretty face, it attract predatory insects that keep my garden in balance. Think of them as the Armed Forces. There to protect and serve.  Perfect.

You can find alyssum anywhere. I’ve grown it from seed, picked up flats of the stuff from the garden centre and purchased it in individual plugs when needed. They are an easy care and inexpensive addition to the perennial  garden, pots or vegetable garden. But are all alyssum created equal? No, not so much. This was starkly brought to my attention last month when I was putting together this planter.

Note the left side.  In bloom with no signs of slowing down. That despite the recent and record setting wet weather and pounding rains. I used Proven Winners Snow Princess®. I like how their alyssum performs; in the rain or in the heat, it can take a punch.

I didn’t set out to do a side by side comparison. Sadly while shopping for plants I could only find one small Snow Princess plant. I had no choice, I grabbed a random alyssum plug and got planting. The difference was notable. Although they looked similar when planted, over the next few weeks the left side flourished despite some seriously terrible weather, In that same time the right side gave only one flush of blooms before being decimated by the rain. Now that the sun has arrived, I expect the random alyssum will bounce back. Although I doubt it will ever catch up with the vigor of Snow Princess.


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