Playing in the Puddles at Colony Farms.


On the last Colony Farms update we were just getting started. There was a lot of weeding to do. Removal of invasives and dancing with buttercup. It was fierce. So a couple weeks on where do we stand? Well we had our plot surveyed and beds and borders were adjusted accordingly. Work began on the fence. And here I have some serious props to give. My husband, the kind and tireless worker he is spent a day last weekend building my fence during a torrential downpour. This was no spring shower, this is the kind of rain that had everyone in the lower mainland twitching a little and glancing nervously at the river banks.

Hold baby, hold.

And it seems to be. For now.

The next week I was back in the plot, planting in the finished beds, digging out more. 3 down, 3 to go! While I was at it I filled the path with mulch. Things were looking good. I was pretty happy with the progress.

That’s when the rain started back up. Laughing in the face of all of our hard work. Pshaw!

The water table has been seriously out of wack, and with the Fraser river swelling nearby, drainage has been a issue. i’m told the water in the gardens is particularly high this year, and I believe it.

Oh well, I did mention we’re persistant right? So in between the recent rain storms we’ve been working. Last week we finished the fence and removed all rotting wood from the beds. It was too wet to attach the new pieces, but they’re cut and ready to go.

Still a lot to do to get this plot in to working order. It will be a slow transformation as long as this rain continues.

Lets hope for some sun, shall we?



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