Escape to the Garden!


When Rainy days look this good, who needs the sun!

The swealtering heat of summer was set back to simmer this week, with a few days of peek a boo rain storms. Moments like this are best enjoyed in the garden, where the warmth of summer is still fierce. Where the heat can be felt in the rich and radiating colours.

VanDusen Gardens is in bloom.

A perfectly cozy walk in the rain, topped with a traditional tea at Truffles Cafe. The perfect respite from a grey summers day. And if the sun does poke back out, the patio is there to welcome it. A wonderful spot to enjoy a cup of tea and great company after a long or short visit through the garden.

VanDusen is also bringing a little romance to the lunch hour by partnering with Truffles Cafe to offer a picnic for two in the garden. This package includes everything. From the 2 admission into the garden, top the classic iconic picnic basket. Inside the basket comes equiped with a lined blanket for use in the garden, utensils and of course stocked with a selection of sandwhiches and drinks of your choosing.

Swoon. They make mid day romance easy.


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