I Dream of Summer.


It’s been a tough spring.  Between the chill factor and the drenching rains we got off to a rather late start here in the lower mainland. For a while it seemed like only things growing were the weeds! As a motivated gardener, that doesn’t stop me. A good pair of rain boots and a hat and I’m good to go. Here in BC we must garden in the rain, otherwise we wouldn’t be prepared for the short but beautiful bursts of summer that fleetingly arrives in August.

Despite all of that rain (and boy-howdy it’s still raining!) June has finally exploded in my garden! Just in the nick of time,  as this is what arrived at my door just a few short weeks ago!

I know what you’re thinking: Holy mother of…. wait, you can send plants in the mail?!

Indeed you can!

Each spring Proven Winners sends me a box stocked full of plants to trial in my garden. For the most part the plants they send are new for 2013, and are not yet available to purchase.  They send these boxes out across North America to garden writers and industry folk to test out in our home gardens. They get the scoop on whats working and what isn’t, and as an added bonus you all get to see what hot and new for next year!

This year 4 of these wonderful boxes arrived at my door. After the “almost hugged” Fed Ex guy left, I did a little happy dance and started unpacking. These are just a few of the gems that I get the pleasure of trialing this year:

– Supertunia Watermelon Charm – Superbells Lemon Slice – Cleome Senorita Blanca – Lobularia Blushing Princess – Lobularia Frosty Knight – Coleus Colorblaze Marooned – Euphorbia Diamond Frost® – Madly® Magenta – Veronica Hocus Pocus – Graceful Grasses® Purple Fountain Grass –

Many of the varieties are pictured above, along with some of my other plantings, loaded with summer favorites like: Catalina® Gilded Grape, Rockapulco® Coral Reef double impatiens, Supertunia® White Russian, Superbells® Grape Punch, Ipomoea Sweet Caroline Sweetheart purple & Supertunia® Bermuda Beach.

You can also watch me pot up a few of my summer planters below, in my first video! Watch, enjoy and please give it a thumbs up or shoot me a comment over in the comment section to let me know what you think. Be kind. This is my first adventure into film, and it’s a little terrifying! 🙂

***Disclaimer: Many, but not all of the plants in this article were given to me by Proven Winners, for trials and testing. ***


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