Colony Farms: My Plot in the Sun!


I got a very exciting email a few weeks back. My name had finally made the top of the oh-so-very-long waiting list for a plot at Colony Farms Community Garden. I am very excited to be gardening in one of the most beautiful and fertile spots in the lower mainland!

The beginning of June is a little late to get started. It will be a challenge for sure. There’s a lot of work to do before any planting can commence. Including trying to find a way in! As noted in the picture above, my small plot (10′ x 25′) was once part of a larger single family run quad of plots, the fence was built originally for the quad. With the help of the multi talented Husband, this weekend an entry point was built and we begun planning the fence and gate.

Have I mentioned recently how much I love this man? No? Well I do! His energy and enthusiasm for my wild and crazy plans never fails to amaze me.

Thanks Honey!

While he worked on the structure, I got right into the madness. What I found wasn’t half bad. Under the grass and weed I found……. more grass and weeds. Oie! The invasive blackberry was fierce. I took to tangoing with it instantly. No reason to procrastinate this confrontation!

Under all of that, I found the makings of long forgotten raised beds. We plan to add another layer for height, but this was a nice find! I spent the rest of the afternoon tackling the buttercup and clearing up the bed with the chives.

Still so much to do. It looks like I will be spending a good deal of my spare time out here, pulling weeds and working the soil. I’m looking forward to getting the fence up, so the kids can join me digging in the soil.

Sounds like fun!


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7 comments on “Colony Farms: My Plot in the Sun!

  1. Selina on said:

    Enjoy! I am sure all your hard work will pay off. Looking forward to seeing how your plot evolves.

  2. Selina on said:

    Enjoy! I look forward to seeing how your garden evolves.

  3. Carl Trepanier on said:

    Hi Laura. Welcome to the neighbourhood. The plot looks way better already. Can’t wait to see what an experienced gardener can do with it.

    • Laura on said:

      Hi Carl. Thanks for the welcome. The plot is coming along. I hope to get some time in mid week to do some serious damage to the grass. Hope to see you around the garden!

  4. heathersurbangarden on said:

    It’s a wonderful thing to have a community garden plot, usually a lot of work in the begining but once you get growing It’s so much fun.

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