It’s a Small Sized World, Big on Creativity!


This Miniature garden began last summer, as a project with my eldest daughter. It was our first miniature garden, and although we enjoyed it immensely, there were things I liked and didn’t like about the garden. Not everything worked the way it was intended. The tile patio we created just didn’t hold through root damage and the ravages of winter.

Eager to try again, I began following Janit Calvo’s blog the Mini Garden Guru. She has some great tips on how better to landscape miniature gardens. Including how to furnish them to complete the desired look. With her tips in mind, I began collecting. Checking out Christmas shops in early January, I scored hot deals on tree ornaments that would adapt well, becoming a unique part of my miniature garden. Time and patience brought together some very cool finds. She also sells packages to create the perfect little patio for any sized miniature garden over at the Miniature Garden Center. They have a large inventory of goodies including: furnituregarden ornaments, even koi for the miniature pond enthusiasts!  I love this shop. There’s always something new and fun to look at!

I stopped in to see Janit this past February at the Northwest Flower & Garden show, where she had a container display on the Sky bridge and a Mini Garden Center set up. I was able to check out out her mini gardens close up, and they were amazing! I picked up apatio kit and chair while there to complete this garden project.

With my hardscaping decided I got to work building the patio. It was a easy process that took next to no time. I came out with an amazing little river rock patio, perfectly cemented in . So simple and so smart.

Before I knew it I was ready to plant. I kept the Arisarum proboscideum ‘Mouse Tails’ that had previously been in this planter, but removed almost everything else. Replacing them with gorgeous rosy sempervivums, that were begging for attention.  I utilized a tray of ground cover and assorted sempervivums that I picked up for a song on the Potluck table at the VanDusen Plant sale. The combination of plants was perfect! I separated them out and dug them in around the miniature patio, and tucked in behind the top tier.

Saxifraga ‘Iceland’ helped fill out the bed beside the patio, with Euphorbia ‘Blue Haze’  giving some height tucked in the back. I used river rock to create a path past through the mouse tails  and under the arching Maidenhair Fern on route to the balloon launch platform. Finally the Tiarella ‘Foam Flower’ cascades down from high above. It’s flowers and foliage creating a forest of interest.

We’ve had a lot of fun putting together this little miniature garden. The kids love filling the pool in the morning, and bringing their little character’s by for a dip on a hot day.  This garden fits perfectly into their world of pretend. This will keep them amused well through summer!  When winter does come, I can easily lift the patio out for seasonal storage, without the worries of winter damage.



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