Dreaming of the Sea


A few years ago I re sculpted the curbside portion of the front garden. I adore the ocean, and I wanted to add an element of that without making my garden too nautical or beachy. I decided to use the large pods of veronica ground cover I already had to create a wave. The idea was to create a moment every year where you could see the wave crashing on the river rock embankment.

Two years on everything has filled in, and it is glorious! The garden is awash in spring! With blooms of purple, blue and pinks, bursting in spectacular frenzy. I love it.

Take a peek at the pictures below, and while you’re here, a song. For your enjoyment (and mine) Feist performing ‘Honey, Honey’.


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  1. Lanea on said:

    It’s lovely!

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