The Inspiration Garden in Coquitlam: Release of the Bee’s!


Photo: City of Coquitlam.

This Saturday, March 31st from 11-3pm the Inspiration Garden in Coquitlam is hosting a spring kick off event by releasing the bee’s! Come learn about how bee’s and their well being are crucial peg in making our everyday lives better! There will of course be honey for sampling and a host of Bee enthusiasts speaking on the ‘Bee’ stage. As well as garden workshops galore to help us welcome the bee’s into our home gardens!

Photo: City of Coquitlam.

Come on down and enjoy a little nature education, and hopefully a spot of sunshine in one of my favorite Coquitlam gardens! Bee there or bee square! 🙂


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4 comments on “The Inspiration Garden in Coquitlam: Release of the Bee’s!

  1. Sharon Tokar on said:

    Who can I contact to find out more about my mason bees and their houses? I wasn’ t able to get to the session the other Saturday. I would like to know if my bees are alive and do I need to clean out the house?


    • Laura on said:

      Hi Sharon,

      If you’re in the tri cities I’d highly recommend giving Amsterdam greenhouses a call. I took a bee class there last year, and they were very informative and helpful in teaching us how to properly clean the bee houses. They also encouraged people to bring in their houses if they needed assistance. This link below is the article on our experience. Their phone number is 604-465-6614. You can also purchase new cocoon with them if needed. Good luck in your en devours!

  2. Landscaper in Vancouver,BC on said:

    Oopps. That’s actually dangerous place to be at 🙂

  3. Julieanne on said:

    Hi Sharon,

    I’m sorry to hear you missed our event, ‘Release the Bees’ at the Inspiration Garden on Saturday. It was a great day despite the wet weather in the afternoon! I just wanted to add that in addition to Amsterdam Greenhouses, I know that our presenter, Pasquale would be more than happy to talk to you more about Mason Bees and how to clean them. If you’d like his contact info, please feel free to email us at Cheers!

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