Spring Break Gone Wild: The Garden Edition.


Its Monday, and the kids are back in school! Yay!

Did you know that spring vacation is now 2 weeks long? Two weeks! Add to that the prior week’s teachers strike, and you can see why I am so excited…. the kids are back in school!

During the break we did our best to keep everyone busy and entertained. Not only for the kids sake, but for my precious sanity as well! Other than some fleeting snow, we’ve had fantastic spring weather. Perfect  for out door adventuring! We made the most of it, by getting outside to play as often as we could. The kids on their bikes, me in the garden. It was nice.

To mix it up we also planned a few day trips to get out and visit some great parks and beautiful spaces on our area. We started off with a visit to the Vancouver Aquarium. Where we watched the Jelly fish dance, lunched with the Beluga’s and touched  a few Star fish too! The kids enjoyed all the baby tanks  on display, like the baby sea horses and clown fish! The play area, and the new craft zone were also a hit!

An elephant in the Hollow Tree at Stanley Park. from Frank Gowen's Vancouver, 1914-1931 (Heritage House, 2001)

The Aquarium is located in Stanley Park, deep in the heart of the city. The park is home to stunning rose & perennial beds, as well as many inspiring gardens with deep and lush histories rooted within our landscape. These gardens include the Ted and Mary Greig Rhododendron Garden, the Shakespeare garden and the Rock garden. All worth a visit this summer. In more recent years, gorgeous roadside plantings as well as a community garden have been installed. A favorite stop of mine while in the park has to be the hollow tree! Estimated at close to 800 years old, this stump has seen it all. Just about everyone has stopped here to get there picture inside the tree. Not just people, animals and cars have all been photographed here as well. We were no different (Check out my goofy bunch down in the slide show). The Hollow tree has been transformed over the last few years through a network of supports and beams. Ensuring that its here to stay for many, many more years.

Helleborus x hybridus Winter Jewels™ Black Diamond

The last day of spring break found us at soaking in the sunshine at VanDusen Botanical Gardens! We enjoyed a lovely nature walk, finding hidden treasures and blooms around every corner. Hellebores, primrose, crocus and many early spring bulbs were showing off their colours. Even a few Rhododendrons were flashing their blooms. Giving just a glimpse of the stunning colour and drama of VanDusen’s famous Rhododendron walk. A few early varieties have begun to open, with more to follow throughout April, culminating to a peak intensity in May. An ideal time to enjoy the garden and take a stroll through the Rhododendron walk. It is not to be missed!

Going on an adventure!

We had a great day poking about the gardens. The kids let loose their energy chasing each other across the Great Lawn, and playing hide and go seek through the hedge maze. Giggles and determination got them all through. This maze is great for the kids. It isn’t so difficult that the little ones get frustrated or upset. Yet there are still enough wrong turns to keep everyone on their toes! Including the adults!

A flower for Mom.

We had a great spring break. Getting outside, enjoying the fresh air. Jacket-less at times. It was wonderful. The garden is a great place for outings with the kids. Made all the easier with a family membership that keeps giving, adventure after adventure…..


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