She Sells Sea Soil By the…, Pitt River.



Yesterday while going about my regular weekend activities I received an awesome email from Amsterdam Greenhouses. They are regularly sending me fantastic emails and coupons, but this one make me jump for joy! Literally! Yes, that was me with a hop & skip in my step, giggling in the isle of the grocery store on Sunday. They sent me a coupon for Sea Soil!

Sea Soil!

You heard me! They are having a wicked sale this week! Buy 2 bags of Sea Soil and get the 3rd free with the coupon! This is a short term coupon, expiring this Saturday March 17th. So make sure to get your Sea Soil while it lasts!

And just because I love you all so much here’s a linky to the coupon!

I can’t say enough good things about Amsterdam Greenhouses out in Maple Ridge. They are one of many nurseries in the area that I frequent, but their outstanding service and fab selection of plants is what keeps them top on my list. I spoke about them here on my last post on the Proven Winners® website, gushing about why they are the best. I encourage everyone to check out Amsterdam Greenhouses website, and sign up for their email/newsletter while you’re there! You will not regret it!


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