10 Sure Signs that Spring has Sprung!


I know what your thinking, Spring? Sure woman. It was snowing yesterday in Vancouver, and here you are telling me that it’s spring? Well indeed it is. Spring has burst in, giving us very little choice but to embrace her, and all of her associated madness.

Still don’t believe me? Well, here are my top 10 reasons that spring has indeed arrived:

#1. The veggie beds & patio garden are perking up!

In the back the strawberries have started growing for the season. Those in the raised beds have been neatly tucked under row covers, saving them from our damp spring rain. The upside down strawberry planter is also growing! It’s plants look healthy & happy! Yay! Peas, radish & spinach have been sown. The vegetable garden is well under way for Spring! Getting ready for the growing season upstairs, the front patio herb garden has overwintered well. Chives, Rosemary, Oregano &  even Garlic all have healthy green growth, and are thriving in their spot over looking the front garden.

#2. “The First Day of Spring” by the Gandharvas has been stuck on repeat in my head.

What? It wasn’t stuck in your head? Well now it is. You’re welcome.

#3. The Crocus lawn is in bloom.

Nothing says spring to me quite like the blooming of the front grass. This seasonal marker is my yearly tell that Spring has arrived. Soon to follow, mowing and the associated yard work that comes with Spring. It’s time pull out the lime, and begin the process of lawn revitalization. After the blooms have faded and the lawn has been cut, I like to give the whole thing a good raking and over seed with a blend of grass seed and soil. Within a few weeks my small strip of grass will be thick, lush and begging for bare feet!

#4. Seedlings are popping up every where!

There is not a window sill to spare in my house! From traditional grow containers, to recycled muffin trays, seeds are sprouting from just about every corner! So far, *fingers crossed* the cats haven’t done any damage to them. Woot!

#5. Plants sales have arrived!

Most of the garden events I have visited this season have plant sales attached. The Master Gardeners Spring Seminar this past weekend was a wonderful example! Within minutes of entering the building, my arms were laden with a collection of Sedums, white Delphiniums, and assorted bulbs including Trillium’s. My house is fast becoming full of plants and bulbs that NEED to get outside and into the ground before I collect more! After all, the road side stands are coming. I saw my first, just the other day. A temporary table set up on Coast Meridian in Port Coquitlam with a lady selling pots of snow drops.

It’s not just road side stands that are tempting me with plants. the local garden centre’s are hosting spring events and plant sales that keep me twitching. What is that saying again? Oh yes, I brake for garden centre’s. Nothing could be more true. 

#6. The Girl Guide Cookies have arrived.

It’s that time again! The cookies are in! Before you know it someone will be knocking on your door with a big smile offering you a box of vanilla & chocolate cookies to tempt your sweet tooth. My eldest is a Second year Spark, so we’ve been thrown right into this seasonal tradition. I’ll be picking up our cookies at the end of spring break. Give me a ring a ding ding if you are in need of a box, or two, or three!

#7. Hello Hellebores!

No matter where I go, these fantastic beauties are prolifically blooming. Teasing me with their fantastic range of blooms! Singled, doubled, it doesn’t matter. Both are stunning and bring with them a wide selection of colours are patterned petals. If you’re in need of a little Hellebore love, head on down to Amsterdam Greenhouses to check out their amazing selection! Warning! You will not leave empty handed! Last time I was there I picked up the beauty pictured above,  Helleborus Winter Jewels ‘Golden Sunrise’.

#8. When the snow does arrive, we greet it wearing sweaters instead of snow suits!

We ditched our winter jackets over the last few week. These days we’ve been sporting spring jackets and on especially spring-y days, sweaters! Most days fluctuate between grey and rainy to warm, sunny skies. It’s only on that rare occasion that we get a brief appearance of snow. What would Spring be without the absurdity of March snow? I know, I know. It’s a bit of a downer. Keep in mind, Mother Nature is wily and wicked. She sure does enjoy a good laugh at our expense.

#9. I have a not so miniature collection of garden decor ready to go!

My collection has been exploding. All winter I’ve been picking up thing here and there for my miniature garden. Suddenly I have enough little bits that we’ll need more than one miniature garden to populate them with! What a problem! The kids will be pleased. With all of the preparation for spring, the winter planning and plotting, I’m starting to run out of space to store these treasures. All raring to go! A sure fire sign of spring’s arrival. When there is no more space inside for all of the outside stuff I’ve been collecting. Time to start up those spring projects!

#10.When the rain boots out number the snow boots surrounding the door!

The true test of Spring, is when we’re able to get into the garden and work the soil. It is still early for any tender plants, perennial or annual to be taken outside from our homes or greenhouses. It is not to early to get out there to spring clean your garden. Now is the time. Too much waiting means a higher chance of damaging new growth and perennials just emerging from the ground. So get those gardening boots out of the closet and get out there! There’s a lot of fun to be had!


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