The Northwest Flower & Garden Show’s Sky Garden, Part 2: Indulging Your Inner Artist!


I love what what these designers did given such small spaces! It takes real inspiration to come up with such creative ideas, and a solid inner strength to be able to pull it all off! All of the container gardens on the Skybridge were beautiful, but these three featured brought me real joy! Awakening not only my inner gardener to spring, but also introducing my inner artist to the garden.

I feel that images such as these require music. So I thought I’d take a moment to tip my hat to a remarkable artist lost earlier this year. Etta James (January 25, 1938 – January 20, 2012) was often regarded as having bridged the gap between rock & roll and rhythm & blues. I like many, have often been inspired by her raw sound and her deep, sultry voice. Please press play on the video link below to hear her classic hit “Somethings got a hold on me” while you take a walk on the Skybridge with me. I thought it was quite fitting.

Emerald City Orchids pulled off perhaps the most beautiful Orchid display I have ever seen. I stopped in this spot many times, just soaking it in. I had great conversations with Orchid fans who also felt the need to linger, absorbing the beauty. There was great appreciation for how they were displayed. Hung from the piano. Just as they would cling to the trees in the rain forests.

And the specimens they brought? Well, they were fierce!

I loved the garden built by Sunnyside Nursery titled: Jazz up your space. The display was stunning! It had clean lines, and a refreshing amount of white focal pieces. A large piano called your immediate attention, penned with the phrase “In the garden everyone can be an artist without apology or explanation.”  So true!Utilizing black accents like the music notes and the pinstriped drum/table mixed with warm tropical and native plants, they created a contrast that was both breathtaking and inspirational.

Two Green Thumbs run by the brilliant Janit Calvo also clearly enjoyed herself while making this wondrous and imaginative faerie world. Her attention to detail is amazing. Looking for some miniature Koi for your miniature garden? She has it! Need a St. Francis statue to complete your look, well she’s got that too. 
If you have children in your life, or just want to add a dash of whimsy to your container garden, Janit’s blog is full of helpful tips and advice! I dabble in the miniature world on occasion. Although my miniature garden is in desperate need of a refresh. I took the occasion to swing by her booth in the Plant Market and picked up a new patio kit, and an Adirondack chair to add to my garden.

With my supplies ready to go, I’m looking forward to getting the chance to get outside to start rebuilding  my miniature garden! Alas its currently raining buckets outside, so for now these pictures will have to do.

Thanks for taking a walk with me along the Skybridge.


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3 comments on “The Northwest Flower & Garden Show’s Sky Garden, Part 2: Indulging Your Inner Artist!

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  2. Mumbling Mantis on said:

    I enjoyed reading this post! It has put me in the mood for the Philadelphia Flower Show in a few weeks! As I looked through your photographs I thought of spring coming, and all the insects that will be attracted to the growing flowers…hope they see me lurking in the shadow, looking for my next meal…all in the hopes of a well balanced organic garden 😉 Look forward to mumbling with you in the future! Great post!

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