#SuperSowSunday, on the Grow!


Yesterday was #SuperSowSunday (transcript HERE). Twitter was a buzz with people asking and answering questions about seeds and growing plants! It was a great collaboration of some really brilliant gardeners!

I bow to their wisdom.

You see, I haven’t had too much luck with seeds. It seems that no lights and no heat will always equal no plant. Aha! so that’s what I’ve been doing wrong! 😉 To solve this I will be adding in a new light source, and a heat mat to the large flats of seedlings. The skinny narrow containers have found their way into south facing windows. Ready and awaiting the sunshine!

Armed with the knowledge of why my previous seedlings were leggy and pale, I’m now ready to try again! Hope springs eternal, right?

To start #SuperSowSunday off right I moistened my starter soil with lukewarm water (as per @DeltaGardener‘s helpful tip) so I wouldn’t have to water it right away and disturb its delicate positioning. After I packed my trays with soil, I used a chopstick to create little tunnels for my seeds! What to start with? It was a tough choice.

About half my seeds are root based crops, and they generally don’t like to be transplanted, and I REALLY like direct sowing, so everybody’s happy there. The rest of my current collection of seeds are rather few and far between.  I haven’t made the final decision of what tomatoes I’m going to grow, although @Garden_Therapy gave me a great tip about a great early tomato for here on the wet coast! Its Siletz from West Coast Seeds. Maturing in 70-75 days, I just might be able to have multiple harvest before blight sets it!

Clearly I still have some catalog gazing to do! Until then I started up a few varieties of lettuce, Red Sails and Salad Bowl.

I learned a lot from #SuperSowSunday. Bren and the folks from #GardenChat put on one heck of a garden party! Complete with prizes galore! I walked out of there with a prize pack of heirloom seeds from Garden Hoard! What a way to jump in to this seed thing!

Wish me luck!



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