NWFGS: Visions of Spring, in Pink!


There were many beautiful gardens this year on display at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show. Many offering plants and blooms like you’ve never seen before! Some had large and bold modern designs, while other offered simple and serene plantings. Many utilized native plants and recycled materials! Others offered glass sculptures and impressive up lighting to affect how we perceive the plants. All impressed upon us a deep love of nature, and a common need to get outside and  enjoy our gardens. No matter if we live our lives big, or small.

With all these gardens beckoning for attention, the ones that easily caught my eye incorporated great colour blocking and plants that teased my senses. Today in honour of Valentine’s day I’m focusing on those warm pinks that remind us spring is right around the corner!

Swaths of pink tulips nestled under the old arms of large specimen trees and rhododendrons lined with ferns and hellebore. This show garden designed by Heritage Tree & Land had a truly serene ‘Northwest Native Contemporary’ style. I must not have been the only one who noticed. They went home with a gold medal for their inspired design.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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  1. Speaking of PINK….did you enjoy your lunch at the Pink Door? (it was nice to meet you)…

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